Rhinegeist Brewery | Peach Dodo



  • Gose
  • 4.4% ABV
  • 12 IBU
  • 12 ounce can dated 09/07/17

Rhinegeist is a Cincinnati, Ohio based brewery named after the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. Known for great seasonal brews, Rhinegeist delivers a bright, unique, and refreshing Gose.

The taste of tart peach lingers in the mouth, combining with a gentle introduction of salt. Light notes of lemon, grapefruit, and yeast enter towards the end. An apple cider sweetness gives this beer some complexity.

The Dodo pours nicely, a light yellow with slight head retention. The aroma is slightly fruity, with sharp acidity. The carbonation is mild and the mouthfeel is balanced.

Overall, this is an excellent beer for warm afternoons. It’s slightly complex, but doesn’t try too hard. Instead, this Gose focuses on what it does best – a fresh, light treat to celebrate the last days of summer.


Disappointing beer. Sad.

Average beer. Nothing special here.

Good beer. Would buy again.

Excellent beer. Would buy many more times.

Amazing beer.